31 Jul

Meet the electric motor components of three phase induction

The electric motor of three-phase induction rotor Ski cage has in its composition: a stator which is to be the core and the shell. The housing is nothing more than the outside of the electric motor is made of cast iron or steel plate and its function is to support the whole machine.

The core of the electric motor is made with iron sheets as well is formed a rigid package. In the interior, there are longitudinal slots in which the coils are housed.

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The rotor or the armature is the part that moves the electric motor. Its composition is given with busbars which are closed in a short circuit through the ring. These bars is to form the squirrel cage.

When the electric motor is small, the driving rods and the short-circuit rings are made of aluminum alloys which can be cast or injected.

21 Jul

Electric motor problem may be in the shaft

When the electric motor does not work, you will not discover the problem if the person staying just facing the electric motor. An electric motor that has been stored for a long time or can not work independently of their appearance.

The first tip to try to discover the electric motor of the problem is to use a simple ohm meter.

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After analyzing and verifying the bearings problem in that the electric motor is not caused by them is time to pull and push the electric motor shaft inside and out. An electric motor that works with bearing problems operates noisily and in addition, the electro motor overheats the bearings and the result will be a catastrophic failure.

Therefore, it is important to always check the electric motor bearings, as this problem can jeopardize the entire operation not only the electric motor, but the electric machine

16 Jul

Where to buy electric motor

When in doubt about where to buy electric motors, the most important is to research prices before making a purchase, it allows the person to make money economy. Today engine is sold in various companies and will not be difficult to find one near you, even because we can also find in the virtual stores.

Price comparison is a key step in buying any product and this should also be applied to the customer who is interested to make the purchase of an electric motor. Before searching you need to define what type of electric motor you need, whether it is single or three phase, based on these features you can be aware of values.

The price of the electric motor v belts is always set according to the characteristics of the same, so it is not correct to stipulate the exact value, it is necessary to research in physical and online stores so that you have knowledge about the value for the type of engine you need this can vary widely from customer to customer.

22 May

Understand how the power factor interferes with the electric motor

The electric motor is the machine that best transforms electrical energy into mechanical, but not enough to use an electric motor that is high performance to accomplish this transformation.

It is also essential to use the most efficient way possible, thus it will be possible to eliminate the waste of causes to make the electric motor of the use that can be caused by: internal losses, income, engine oversizing, power factor, power supply, maintenance and mechanical and repair and reconditioning losses.

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In the alternating current circuit there is a current variation that is done in any coil or variation in magnetic flux. When the electric motor leads are cut, the variation induces a voltage in the reverse direction and this tension is called counter-electromotive force and this causes a delay in the advancement of current.

The AC electric motor calls for energy to circulate in their coils to be produced the magnetic field and the driving force.

26 Apr

Magnetic noises must be combated in the electric motor

Occupational health is a very important point to be observed by companies and the level of noise that is caused by the electric motor is an element to be observed.

Electric motor noise can be caused by magnetic noise. These electric motor noise can be vibrations in the core which is the largest source of magnetic noise of the electric motor and occurs mainly in the stator crown. Vibrations ranging from the crown to housing and have at least one component in the audible range and reach the environment where the electric motor more baldors here is fixed.

The electric motor of the harmonic noise is also undesirable. When choosing an optimal design, the noises are reduced to acceptable levels.

The effect of the power of the noise occurs in the electric motor has electric and magnetic similar projects because of the noise tends to increase with increasing progressive rate of increase in power.

10 Apr

Meet the standard regimes that the electric motor is submitted

The electric motor has several standard schemes. Schemes and symbols are: continuous operation (S1); time-limited regime (S2); Intermittent periodic system (S3); intermittent periodic departing regime (S4); Intermittent periodic system with electric braking (S5).

The electric motor baldor jm3120 of the continuous system always operates in constant load and its duration is enough that the thermal equilibrium is reached. The time-limited regime always has a constant load where its duration is insufficient for the electric motor to reach thermal equilibrium.

Intermittent periodic system is a sequence of cycles where the schemes are identical and each includes a period where the load operation is constant and has a period where the rest and no power occurs. But the intermittent periodic system starting with nothing more than a sequence where the regimes are identical and consist of be a period of starting, more a working period and more constant load.

Intermittent periodic system with electric braking also has its identical schemes, but unlike the intermittent periodic regime departing the system is measured in a period of operation, a period of rapid electrical braking and a rest period and without power.

26 Mar

Electric motor must not be subjected to matches which are very time-consuming

The electric motor must not be subjected to matches which are very time consuming because the overcurrent is absorbed, but on the other hand, the nominal speed reaches the engine tends to warm up the electric motor in a dangerous manner. Still, the braking by counter-current equals even three matches.

For this reason, you must ensure that the choice of electric motor was done properly, the electric motor supply line has necessary features that limit the fall in the starting voltage and the load is coupled to the motor in conditions it can operate and so will have an abnormal resistive torque.

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When the industrial process requiring the electric motor gives more frequent departures, the electric motor should be adapted to be giving several matches during a short time.

16 Feb

Know the elements that combat the overheating of the electric motor

The elements most commonly used in electric motor to combat the overheating that is so harmful to its operation are: thermal relay, bimetal protectors, thermistor and termorresistores.

The thermal relay is installed on the outside of the electric motor and its function is to protect the electric motor against excessive temperature in the event of overloads which can be short or long term.


Bimetallic protectors are installed inside the engine and these protectors protect the electric motor of possible failures that can affect the electric motor, because they take care of winding temperature by means of sensors. The guards equipped with a bimetallic disk that form a closed contact and q change position when the temperature reaches a predetermined value.

The thermistor is a semiconductor that has the characteristic change abruptly when reaching the temperature at which it was project.